PAS trip to Boquete, a report by Loyda Sánchez

Loyda Sánchez sent a report of the birds seen on the PAS fieldtrip to Boquete, Chiriquí. The bird of the trip was definetly the Yellow-throated Euphonia. The group also visited Cerro Batipa in the lowlands, where they saw many Yellow-billed Cotingas.
Hi, good reports from Boquete, Chiriqui. The Thanksgiving dinner at Hotel Panamonte was GREAT!!! The weather was fine except for Saturday (it rained a little), Contingas at Batipa were plentiful on our way back on Sunday. And I had TWO lifers!!
Thursday, Nov 26, 1998: Our best bird is the Yellow-throated Euphonia, of which we saw 3 individuals, 2 females, 1 male. At first we though it was the Thick-billed when we saw the male's yellow throat but then we saw the females, whitish underneath and yellow at the flanks. Very small forecrown in the male confirmed our wishes. The yellow throat line at the sides was not straight; it had like a dent in the direction of the nape of the neck. Birds were seen by Judith Anguizola, Abdiel Baules, Wally Snyder and Loyda Sanchez. Abdiel Baules said he has seen this bird before in the Caizan area near Volcan. Time: 4:00 pm. Distance from the birds: 10 meters. Altitude: 1,540m approx. Intersection of the Alto Jaramillo asphalt road with a dirt road leading to Buenos Aires. Male was seen through a Leica 20x60 scope. Birds were observed for about 15 minutes, along with other birds. They were feeding from a pair of ficus trees in a fence line, full of fruit.
Long-billed Starthroat, Silver-throated Tanager, Golden-browed Clorophonia, and many other birds were feeding from same fruit. Among the other fence trees were some with red flowers that the locals call "Pito", similar to Palo Santo (Erythrina fusca), the Euphonias and Starthroats visited these trees. Seen through the scope also, we were able to see the Starthroat's metallic blue crown, but the throat looked black most of the time until the sun made it shine brilliant red.
Friday, Nov. 27. My second lifer was the Magenta-throated Woodstar, a male perched on a bare branch in the Palmira area of Volcancito, off a gravel road behind Trattoria Villa Florencia, taking the side road at the corner of kiosko Mi Tiendita (just before you reach the trattoria). Altitude: 1,500 m approx. Distance from bird: about 20 m. Seen for about 10 minutes, 11:00 a.m. Spotted by Wally Snyder and Judith Anguizola, seen by Mara Cornejo, Loyda Sanchez, Itzy and Jon Bishop, Ruben Guerra and Abdiel Baules. White post-ocular spot and white patch on rump were seen well. The tail was distinctly forked and longer than the Scintillant's, although at first it had its tail closed. Gorget was black, brilliant purple red as the bird moved to the light, with broad white pectoral collar. Seen through same Leica scope also. And lunch at the trattoria was delicious...
Saturday, Nov 28. We went to Bajo Mono up to the ANAM cabin at Alto Chiquero. Spotted Barbtail, Black-and- Yellow Silky-flycatchers, Spangle-cheeked Tanagers, Black-thighed Grossbeak. Observers were Judith Anguizola, Itzy and Jon Bishop, Olmedo Miro, Loyda Sanchez and Wally Snyder.
Sunday, Nov 29. Arrangements had been made to visit Batipa. Don Luis himself greeted us and made us walk for more than TWO hours looking for the Yellow-billed Cotingas, which they had seen the week before in great numbers (they reported 12, 6 males, 6 females). Judith Anguizola, Mara Cornejo, Itzy and Jon Bishop, Loyda Sanchez and Wally Snyder saw three of them at last, 2 males, 1 female (grayish) through the scope at a distance of about 75 m. Then Abdiel Baules and Jon Bishop continued through the Teca plantation and spotted about 12 individuals, 8 males, 4 females, at a distance of about 25 m. After that we were invited by Don Luis to have lunch, ice-cold beers, yuca sancochada and barbecued veal. Yes, we had a great time in Chiriqui!!