Crane Hawk in Panama City

Camilo Montañez reports a Crane Hawk from the grounds of the Instituto Fermín Naudeau at La Locería, Panama City.
Last friday (nov.20), i was at the at my school (Inst. Fermín Naudeau), when i saw a large flock of Grackles chasing a dark bird. It perched on some trees where he stayed for about 30 seconds before changing perches. It would constantly bob its long tail, and flew away after a minute. Once i got close to it, i saw that it was a dark gray all over, with a long tail which gave the bird a forest-falcon like shape. The tail had three white stripes on it. Very noticeable where its long, reddish legs. I did not have binoculars at the time, but i'm convinced that the bird was a Crane Hawk, based on the combination of fieldmarks observed, plus previous experience with the species. I couldn't see the white crescents on its wings, because it was perched most of the time. José Tejada told me that he has seen the species on the Metropolitan Nature Park, which is a minute away from my school as the crow flies.