American Coot in Chivo Chivo

    An American Coot was discovered by Rosabel on the far end of the lake just before Chiva Chiva Rd yesterday (sat, nov 29th). It was swimming along with a few Moorhens. The white bill was very conspicuous, and with the scope we were able to see the brownish frontal shield, too.
    Earlier that morning Camilo discovered a male Blue-winged Warblers on the bamboos along South Old Gamboa Rd.
    Then this morning we found a small group of Mouse-colored Tyrannulets at Parque Omar. Also seen there was a pair of Pearl Kites perched among the Grackles, close to the club house.
    A Capped Heron was seen on the canal by the mangroves at the far end of Costa del Este this morning, and a Cocoi was inside the Count Circle at Pma Viejo at dusk yesterday. The Ring-billed Gull at Paitilla was seen both saturday and sunday, with other gulls at a sandbank by Río Mataznillo.
    That's all for now. Make sure you get'em all!