Prairie Warbler in Old Gamboa Road

    A male Prairie Warbler was discovered at dusk in Old Gamboa Rd, in the first clearing from the Golf Club entrance, just past the first road tothe left. All its underparts were a very bright yellow with clear black streaks on the flanks. The back was dull-olive, as was the crown; we couldn't see any chestnut streaking. The wings were darker and had vague wingbars. The face pattern wasn't seen clearly, but we saw that it had a dark eye-line and a paler supercillium. We did not see it twitch itstail, and it was very active moving in and out of view among the leaves of the tree.
    And a few minutes later a Pale-eyed Pigmy-Tyrant came to the same tree! It was seen mainly from below, so the streaked breast was its mostvisible fieldmark. Also seen were its bright-pink legs (not an useful fieldmark) and pink base to the lower mandible. The Pale-eye was seen briefly, and it was heard calling as it flew from one twig to another.